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The Wall Street Journal reports two teens who encouraged Girl Scouts of the USA to eliminate palm oil from Girl Scouts Cookies or to use sustainably grown palm oil are starting to see some results. Girl Scouts of the USA will soon be using its famous Girl Scout Cookie boxes to raise awareness about the global need to develop stronger sustainability practices within the palm oil industry. Beginning with the 2012-13 cookie season, each cookie box will include a GreenPalm logo as a symbol of Girl Scouts’ commitment to address concerns about the deforestation of sensitive lands currently caused by the production of palm oil.

“Madison and Rhiannon have done exactly what Girl Scouts teaches girls: find a cause you care about, connect with others and take action to change the world,” Amanda Hamaker, the Girl Scouts’ manager of product sales, said in a statement. “They are shining examples of leadership in persuading a 99-year-old American icon to take on a serious global issue.” The story has been covered by MSNBC, Jezebel, The Nonprofit Quarterly, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and many more.

Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois is proud to welcome Meghan G. as one of our girl bloggers! Meghan is 9 years old and a Girl Scout Junior. We asked Meghan what she thought about these two girls and their efforts. Here’s her answer:

Meghan is 9 years old and a Girl Scout Junior.

I recently read the article where two Girl Scouts succeeded in raising awareness of the need to get rid of palm oil in our Girl Scout Cookies. That is amazing! It’s great for them and their troop.

I think what they did is awesome for the environment and for all of us. I think that because I know harvesting palm oil is very bad for rainforests. Rainforests, remember, are part of our environment—a very big part of our world, if you really think about it. Most of our “clean” oxygen comes from the rain forests.

I also care about the animals that live in the rain forests. If we just randomly start to cut trees down for palm oil, we won’t have any more monkeys or other tree animals. We are destroying our own homes as well as theirs!

Thanks, Meghan!

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