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April 23, 2013

New Website!

GSNI is happy to announce that we have a new website. This site is also the new home of our blog. You can see the new site at and keep up to date with the news at Please join us at our new website!

April 17, 2013

GSNI Trains over 40 People in USA Archery Training

GSNI has successfully trained over 40 people in USA Archery Training! These people are now certified in Level 1 Archery Facilitating, so they can facilitate archery training in any location. If you are interested in participating in our next Archery Training visit our website. The next training date is May 5 at Camp Far Horizons.

Congratulations to the newest  Level  1 Archery Facilitators:

Aimee Van Cleve Denise M Mercuri Louise Catheryne Glon
Amy Goze Donna L Riggs Michelle A Grossman
Angela J Mcmeel Elizabeth Casanova Nancy Kownick
Angela M Rankin Elizabeth K Molyneaux Noel Ikow
Anne Victory Heike Volkhart Sandra A Tegel
Annemarie Hocking Jennifer J Hoffmann Sonia Haase
Becca A Ketter Jennifer Lynn Foust Suzi Zinzer
Betty Szwankowski Jill M Smith Verenice A Flores-Toledano
Brenda K Carlson Jolea Kalvin Vicky Ann Kosydar
Carol S Ayars Kathryn Kuecker Victoria L Kilgore
Carolyn Wolf Katrina Hallam
Carrie Miller Kelly Kading
Cathleen Fritts Krista Kooistra
Danette A Whyte Linda M Strohschein
April 16, 2013

Having it All: Girls and Financial Literacy

In our ever-changing global economy and world, financial skills are leadership skills. As the premier leadership organization for girls, Girls Scouts helps girls build financial experience, confidence, and independence by providing them with resources focused on everything from saving money, developing strong credit, and minimizing debt, to philanthropic giving and financing their dreams.


Girl Scouts is committing to the financial empowerment of American girls. Our shift from simple fundraising to financial education has been underway for some time and continues to bolster the relevance of Girl Scouting to today’s girls. The current economic recession and resulting awareness of how important financial literacy is for all youth—especially girls—has given our approach a real charge.


Recently, the Girl Scouts Research Institute conducted a study, titled Having it All: Girls and Financial Literacy, to see how this shift from fundraising to financial education has impacted girls. Here are some quick findings:

  • Girls see little difference between genders when it comes to financial capability, with seven in ten saying that both men and women are equally likely to be financially responsible (73 percent) or in a lot of debt (72 percent).
  • The vast majority of girls (94 percent) would rather make their own money than rely on their parents, and 80 percent would rather make their own money than marry someone who would support them financially.
  • Nearly all girls say it is likely that they will have jobs or careers they enjoy (98 percent); be able to provide for their families (96 percent); and own their own homes (95 percent) one day. They are similarly optimistic about obtaining college degrees (96 percent); being able to retire comfortably (92 percent); being able to save a lot of money (90 percent); and making a lot of money (87 percent).
  • Girls primarily say they learn about money and finances from their moms (85 percent), dads (61 percent), teachers or guidance counselors (20 percent), financial classes in school (14 percent), and friends (12 percent)
  • Nine in ten (90 percent) girls say it is important for them to learn how to manage money, and 88 percent say that it is important to set financial goals.

The financial education girls receive through the Girl Scout program empowers girls to become financially sound and successful women. Thank you for your support of these programs; be it through volunteering, by supporting a Girl Scout or by purchasing Girl Scout Products. For a full look into this study visit the Girl Scouts Research Institute.

April 16, 2013

Meet a Camp Director – Laura Bumba

We want to introduce you to GSNI’s Camp Directors! We will be posting these introductions to help you meet our camp staff. Meet Laura “Chai” Bumba, Camp Director at Camp McCormick!

Staff Pics August 2012 - Bumba, Laura

Hi! I’m Laura “Chai” Bumba, Camp Pathway Specialist for Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois and Camp Director for the 2013 resident camp season at Camp McCormick. This will be my second summer as camp director for GSNI and I am truly looking forward to another stellar summer. If you know only one thing about me, remember this: I LOVE camp! Camp combines adventure, independence, responsibility, teambuilding, and so much more in an atmosphere of pure FUN! While I still consider myself a camper at heart, it is my greatest pleasure to have found an occupation that allows me to share this experience with others. Beyond the image of campfires and s’mores, summer camp offers the opportunity for people of all ages to disconnect from technology and reconnect with others in the great outdoors. Nothing compares to the camaraderie of making new friends or the sense of accomplishment after creating your first fire!

Interested in signing up for camp and spending some time at Camp McCormick? Visit our website for more information!

April 15, 2013

GSNI’s LEGOlettes on WGN

This past Thursday, April 11, GSNI LEGOlettes team was invited to appear on WGN’s Morning News Show to talk about their experience competing with robots during National Robotics Week. You can watch the entire LEGOlettes segment on WGN’s site. Congratulations girls!

photo 1photo 3

photo 2

April 9, 2013

2013 Bling Your Booth Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following troops for winning this year’s Bling Your Booth Contest. All winners will receive gift certificates to our Council Store.

  Elgin Freeport Rockford Sugar Grove
First Place Troop 1195 Troop 5242 Troop 3399 Troop 4801
Second Place Troop 1141 Troop 5043 Troop 3223 Troop 449
Third Place Troop 201 Troop 5033 Troop 3398 Troop 4137

Here are photos of the First Place Winners. You can view photos of all of the winners

on our Facebook Page.


Rockford Service Center – First Place: Troop 3399

troop 4801- Geneva

Sugar Grove Service Center – First Place: Troop 4801

Freeport Service Center - First Place: Troop 5242

Freeport Service Center – First Place: Troop 5242

Elgin Service Center- First Place: Troop 1195

Elgin Service Center- First Place: Troop 1195

April 4, 2013

Don’t Miss These Great Camp Opportunities!

GSNI CampWith warmer temperatures beginning to be the norm in the forecast, there is no better time to think about camp. Girl Scout Camp can be a wonderful experience. Just ask Emma, who recently submitted her entry for our “Top Ten Reasons I love Girl Scout Camp” contest. Here’s her list:

1. meeting new girls
2. the helpers… No-name, shrimpy, lizard, rainbow
3. writing on t shirts at the end
4. campfire fire making
5. repeat after me songs
6. camp names
7. playing frogger
8. taking a midnight hike with our leader to the fridge 🙂
9. road trip
10. swaps

Take a look at a list of programs available for you or your Girl Scout! GSNI offers a wide variety of programs for every girl. Registration is available online, by clicking on the session title or by visiting our website.

Session Name Camp Dates Grade
Counselor-in-Training I Dean June 23-July 3 10-12
Six Days: Five Camps McCormick June 23-28 9-12
Taste of McCormick McCormick June 23-26 4-6
Cowgirl Up! Dean June 30-July 3 6-8
Creek Stomping Dean June 30-July 3 2-4
Taste of McCormick McCormick June 30-July 3 2-4
McCormick or Bust McCormick June 30-July 3 4-6
On Belay! Dean July 7-12 7-9
Splash ‘n Sports Dean July 7-12 5-7
Night Owls McCormick July 7-12 6-8
On Belay! Dean July 14-19 6-8
Camp Dean Day Camp Dean July 15-19 1-5
Have Backpack, Will Travel McCormick July 14-19 8-10
Mission H2O McCormick July 14-19 3-5
Canoes, Kayaks, and Rafts Dean July 21-26 8-10
Night Owls Dean July 21-26 5-7
Survivor McCormick July 21-26 7-9
Artist Delight McCormick July 21-26 3-5
Survivor Dean July 28-Aug 2 5-7
Artist Delight Dean July 28-Aug 2 3-5
Outdoor Sampler McCormick July 28-Aug 2 3-5
April 1, 2013

GSNI’s 2013 Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Event

Information for this year’s annual meeting has been sent out. The event will be held on April 27, at the Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center on the campus of Northern Illinois University. For more information CLICK HERE to download the Call to Meeting booklet. (Note: the Call to Meeting Booklet has been revised since it was originally posted and mailed. Please download for the latest version. Thank you.)

Online registration is also available by clicking HERE.

We hope to see you there!