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April 17, 2013

GSNI Trains over 40 People in USA Archery Training

GSNI has successfully trained over 40 people in USA Archery Training! These people are now certified in Level 1 Archery Facilitating, so they can facilitate archery training in any location. If you are interested in participating in our next Archery Training visit our website. The next training date is May 5 at Camp Far Horizons.

Congratulations to the newest  Level  1 Archery Facilitators:

Aimee Van Cleve Denise M Mercuri Louise Catheryne Glon
Amy Goze Donna L Riggs Michelle A Grossman
Angela J Mcmeel Elizabeth Casanova Nancy Kownick
Angela M Rankin Elizabeth K Molyneaux Noel Ikow
Anne Victory Heike Volkhart Sandra A Tegel
Annemarie Hocking Jennifer J Hoffmann Sonia Haase
Becca A Ketter Jennifer Lynn Foust Suzi Zinzer
Betty Szwankowski Jill M Smith Verenice A Flores-Toledano
Brenda K Carlson Jolea Kalvin Vicky Ann Kosydar
Carol S Ayars Kathryn Kuecker Victoria L Kilgore
Carolyn Wolf Katrina Hallam
Carrie Miller Kelly Kading
Cathleen Fritts Krista Kooistra
Danette A Whyte Linda M Strohschein