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August 2, 2011

Welcome to our new GSNI Blog!

Yes, we are very excited to be launching our own Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois (GSNI-for short) official blog! This summer, we have been developing and testing the blog and pulling together our Girl Blogger Team—we have lots of fun and important information to share.

GSNI will use this blog to help keep you more informed about upcoming events . . . like 100th Anniversary events . . . our girls in the news, and more! Since our printed publication only goes out twice per year, we have stories, programs and Girl Scout information that sometimes gets missed.

Here’s where our Girl Blogger Team will get a chance to shine—they will write posts on everything from peer pressure to favorite camp sessions. In fact, we can hardly wait to introduce them to you!

We hope you become a regular reader and add us to your RSS feed! For now, while we’re in the testing phase, we’ve disabled comments, but if you want to add in your two cents, please feel free to comment on the Facebook blog link—we’ll be sure to link to all blog posts on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from our GSNI blog readers!